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Hi Thomas, I love your tileset and purchased it. My game is 32 x 32 instead of 128 x 128, I tried to resize the image directly with both mac preview and photoshop however it will show thin layer of borders when use. How can i resize it properly? Thanks in advance.

I chose bilinear option when resize the image in photoshop then issue resolved. thanks.

As you already figured out, when resizing a filter will be applied. This usually mean that there will be "half pixels" that will be interpreted on to a half transparent pixel.

What usually works best is using "nearest neighbor" for scaling down when you need clear and sharp edges.

Good morning Mr. Thomas,

We would love if you would collaborate with us on our new game. Your artistic talent is exactly what we're looking for. I shot you and email a few days back about the details, look forward to working with you.

- Joseph Borriello (Xylose Labs)

amazing works, by the way, do you have  GUI and characters and monsters? 

Thanks!  Characters I only have available for Unity at this moment:

I got male and female characters, but no GUI and monsters.  I think it would be perfect if your have a bundle of all assets to build a game project.  maybe they are coming soon, I'm looking forward that. :)

Can you post your character packs here?

Hello do you make custom tiles? I want it in all seasons

Hi, Yes, I'm a freelancer, email me if you have questions.