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This is my favorite of your tilesets.  PLEASE keep making more tilesets.  Maybe Dungeon or Interior EXTRA OBJECTS

got the whole bundle and it seems like a great set. only thing I'm missing is a few torches,  fire/smoke animations to put on top of them and the bonfire to make this truly complete.

Hello i have tried contacting you via email 1 month ago, but you haven't answered yet. So i hope you read this here. I was wondering if you would do commissions? i've bought your assets today but i would like to get more assets in the same style.

Hi, This is strange, I usually reply in a few days. I had it happen before that some emails go to junk-folder and I miss it. Could you shoot me a new email and let me know here when you have done it so I can keep an eye out in the junk-folder. Thanks!

I have send you a new email with titel: Commissions for game art

Can u use it in any program?

I'm not sure what you mean. It can be used in any editor/engine that supports tilesets. License-wise you are allowed to use it in any program.

That's what I meant. Thank you!