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Is there anyway possible to make the dirt and grass areas have transparent borders instead of green or whatever color? Like have it where it's just the grass or dirt?

There are some masks in the PSD, so it would be possible if you have some experience with an editing software that support PSD. You might need some manual tweaking depending on the result you're after.

I have no experience on it, the reason I'm paying for sprites and tilemaps. If you were willing to do it I would be willing to pay. I have other ground tilemqps but I want it to match with what I bought from you.

Please get in contact by email with the details and I'll see what I can do, thanks!

Can this be used for autotile in gms2?

It can be used with anything that can use tilesets. But I think you're more specifically asking if it has variations for all 47 autotile options? If so, that answer is no, this tileset only have middle + inner corners + outer corners + and vertical/horizontal edges (13 in total).

There are tool that can convert to 47-tile tilesets, but I haven't tried so you would need to do some research on this.

I hope that answers the question, thanks!

Hello daniel,

i really likeyour tilesets,

do you think you could make a new, more cartoony tileset that will suit more for characters like this:


Unfortunately, this isn't anything I'm planing to do. Sorry for the inconvencience!

Hello Daniel!  

We are making a game for Nintendo Switch, and would love to use your assets.  The problem is we need to keep the same style and we need a few more.   Are you available for commissions?  We would need BGs and not sure who we will use for characters.

You can reach us through DM here?  (we're new to itch) or e-mail/twitter.


You can contact me by email for any commission inquiries, you'll find my contact information on my website:

Does it include licenses?

Can i use it for my commercial game? 

Yes you can. As long as the assets itself is not redistributed.

great asset.

do you plan to make an exotic land also (with palm tree, exotic tree, beach, etc...) ?

Thank you!

Not at the moment, but I put it up for future ideas.

Another idea for you to-do list:

A castle tile set (in exterior, like the town tileset).

Simply wonderful! It also looks great when used as a texture. Great job on the animations!

Thank you!

Great set. Thanks



i want to buy your stuff :) Are there comming more tilesets?


Thanks for the interest. Yes, there are coming more tilesets, feel free to follow me and you should get an update when it happens.