2D Characters!

I've finally made sprite animated characters to go with my tilesets. These are large 200px characters (can of course be scaled down) that are fully animated and in Up, Down, Side-directions.

I understand making sprite sheets out of these large sprites isn't optimal for everyone, so I have included a texture packed sheet with a generic .json(array) file. But not only that, I have included all the individual sprites you can use to create your own sprite sheets and packed atlases - you can only include the animations you need and set your own packing rules to engine compatibility.

I hope you pick it up and give some feedback or suggestions. Any questions are of course welcome, just shoot me an email.



2D Characters - Male.zip 151 MB
Jun 22, 2019

Get 2D Characters - Male

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Looks great! Female sprites when?


Thank you! No ETA, but they're next.