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Do do you have any enemy pack?

hi thomas,

in unity asset store, you released a customizable version of this asset,

do you plan to  make this asset customizable for customers too?

when will you also release you female sprite sheet?


Since doesn't have any specific engine attached to itself it's not possible to make customizable in the way the Unity ones are (which is using Unity's animation system and editor to animate and customize).

At the moment there is no ETA on the female spritesheets, sorry.

Feel free to follow me and you should get an update when there is a new release.

it is at least possible to get the different parts (body, head, dress, etc..), so i can create layered sprites that i can tint easyly using game maker ?

Do you mean get these parts each with their own spritesheet? If so, while I get where you're coming from, it doesn't work in that way. Since it's not possible to put, for an example, a shirt right on top of the body because some parts of the shirt needs to be behind the body and some in front. It would require to go through all frames for all parts and manually edit them.

If you really need each part on their own sheet, email me and I can send them over, but they will be provided "as they are". You would need to make the appropriate tweaks.

hi Thomas, is the sprite sheets PNG? Can i use this asset for Game maker engine? 

Sorry for late reply, I missed/didn't get any notification.

Yes, as mentioned there is sprite sheets included (in .png). GM also supports texture packed files I think (don't think it's native support though)

I used it successfully in game maker studio 2.

create 1 sprite per direction and animation, and import all "chips" into the sprite, to get the animation.

dont forget to setup the collision mask carefully

is it possible to get a psd with mask layers, so i could tint the hair , skin and wear? (like for the grassland)

This is currently not possible as the spritesheets are packed with external tools (not photoshop). My best suggestion at the moment would be to create the sprite sheet exactly as you want them and manually make masks in software like photoshop  using wand tool or similar.

Sorry, but I hope that helps.